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Letters: Where is the outrage?

Saturday 2 September 2023 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


Letters: Where is the outrage?

Dear Editor, Exactly two years ago l wrote a letter about my concern for testing the experimental vaccine on our people. It is now proven it was a bad mistake and a waste of time as it never did a thing to stop the virus spreading or infecting you.

It only made our people more sick, with our government statistics now recording 50% more deaths than normal prior to the roll out of this poison.

We were warned by many good doctors the outcome of injecting this unproven vaccine.

Most of the unvaccinated l know didn't get sick or get sent to New Zealand for any sickness.

I do recall the unvaccinated weren't going to receive treatment here and had to pay our own way to New Zealand for treatment.

That is evil.

We all know it's not normal, yet l don't see any outrage or public inquiry, even while we have 3 times more people sick and sent to NZ for treatment.

Every one of us knows a family member or friend that has suddenly got a deadly disease or suddenly dropped dead from this mass poisoning in the last 2 years.

Australian and NZ Governments are now investigating why they have a 30% increase in unexplained deaths yet we sit back and stay silent while TMO offers more booster shots.

We either stay silent and pretend this isn't happening or we find out how to heal our people and put those responsible behind bars.

Remember they also injected your children knowing this could be harmful.

There is much evil going on in this world today and we have been sucked into it because of our poor leadership.

We have to accept this was a bad mistake and now work towards finding a way to remove the unknown harmful substance from our bodies that is breaking down our immune systems.

My condolences to the families who have lost loved ones from this atrocity and only seek answers for those we have lost unexpectedly.

Chris Denny