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LETTERS: Where are the alarm bells?

Thursday 15 July 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Where are the alarm bells?

Letters for July 15, 2021

Dear Editor,

May this writer invite the Minister for Environment, and the staff of the National Environment Service, to stand in the middle of Raemaru Park and observe the hills.

What they will see in one of several hillsides on Rarotonga where the invasive Albizia trees have replaced acres and acres of native forest. If the Albizia trees are removed, are the natives hovering below as seeds and seedlings, or is it too late?

There is only one sad end result; in less time than anyone can guess, the only native trees on Rarotonga will be those that survive in our back yards.

One would think this would be recognised as a national emergency. Call it Albizia-19. Where are the alarm bells? Where is the leadership?

Name and address supplied

Labour shortage

What you need to look at are the needs of the country. From there, set up training courses for certain areas and skill sets, you already have skilled people in the Cook Islands to deliver these training or courses – just have to think strategically to create these programmes and contextualise that to suit per industry need of the country.

There is no need to get foreigners in the country but attract our own people to come back home to rebuild our nation. Te atua te Aroa.

Just a thought.

NganEnis George-Ngatokorua (Facebook)