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LETTERS: ‘Stop arguing and work together’

Tuesday 1 March 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: ‘Stop arguing and work together’

Dear Editor, how about if we stop arguing and work together?

I mean we can’t stop the virus from coming into our nation, but we can control the virus.

What help is there that we can get, if we point fingers to each other? How can we control the virus if no one is helping out, but complaining too much?

It’s very easy to control the virus, all we have to do is open our ears to what TMO is saying and follow them.

Mau Taverio


Sad and scary for Cook Islanders, but, if it’s the omicron strain, let it run, let the community build up anti bodies to it. That’s what most countries are doing now. I have family and friends that have had it and now recovered. Look after your weak and elderly.

Gary Tweedie


Get well soon. Thankfully the overwhelming majority of the people of the Cooks were smart enough to get vaccinated, and not be swayed by the conspiracy theories circulating, so it should be ok.

But in our community one death is one too many. So, prayers for home. Stay safe family.

Mouroa Hosea


Travel in the world of Covid-19

We had a trip planned but it’s all getting too hard, especially with the need to PCR 48 hours prior. Our laboratory won’t guarantee this. Fiji accepts RAT testing which is much easier and cheaper to access.

Rachel Dixie


We have cancelled, it was our first ever trip to Raro in three weeks. Too stressful.

Kiwis can basically go anywhere in the world now and return. I was going to lose too much money if put into quarantine if someone on the plane got it, not me, and I was sitting near them and there’s no insurance if I am not positive. I am sure now lots (of tourists) will change their mind.

And so much money for PCR tests – $250 each for it. Rako refunded mine when I cancelled.

I see the Cooks now have a lot more cases. Unfortunately, it is the new world we live in.

Nic McConechy


Our border opening should’ve been planned out better.

Moving forward, tourism should invite long term tourist. There has been an increase in people seeking accommodation for 3-6 months. These are the tourists we need to attract.

Long term tourist would have the funds to spend while here.

Sammy Mataroa