LETTERS: Sacrificing trees for political gain?

Friday 21 May 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Sacrificing trees for political gain?

Are trees getting cut down for safety or for political gain? asks a CI News letter writer.

Dear Editor,

CIIC (Cook Islands Investment Corporation) is cutting trees for ‘safety’ and Teariki Heather is cutting tress to gain disciples for his United political party.

CIIC cut two side-by-side toa trees across from ANZ bank, neither of which was encroaching on the road, unless of course a vehicle jumped the curb. CIIC left behind two side-by-side stumps that will only be dangerous if a vehicle jumps the curb. Toa gets a lot harder when it’s dead.

Same spot, CIIC cut the top half of an almond tree, that did not encroach on the road, and would only cause harm if a vehicle jumped the curb. CIIC left a five metre stump. If one day we have flying cars, we’ll be safe from the stump unless someone is careless and flies at four metres off the road.

The Government has done nothing, for years, about the blind corner on the Muri side of the Little Polynesian, where the trees and hedge encroach well into the legal right of way. The Good Lord must be watching that neglected space as no one has died yet.

It has done nothing, for years, about the coconut trees leaning over the legal right of way at Papaaroa College. Must be the Good Lord again, controlling when those pesky coconuts hit the pavement.

ICI (Infrastructure Cook Islands), who issues building consents, does not seem to be too worried about the 1-ton boulder recently placed on the edge of the road in front of the Asian Development Bank. Just waiting for a mum and child on a scooter in a careless moment to come to harm.

This writer has now had multiple visits from United political party disciples, come to sit on the front porch and ask if we need any trees cut for free, from the magnanimous T&M Heather. This writer was not well received when the disciples were asked if T&M now stands for Trash and Mangle.

You might expect a Papa’a, with no sense of a Polynesian’s customary duty to care for the environment or a Polynesian Christian’s love of God’s creations to willy-nilly destroy God’s gifts for fame and fortune, but what species of Polynesian would be so destructive?

(Name and address supplied)