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LETTERS: Police deserve better recognition

Friday 16 July 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Police deserve better recognition

Letters for July 17, 2021

Dear Editor,

While the handover of computers and equipment will assist our cops work, it’s a bit late and pathetic really.

Only a mere $26,000 from the Capital Funding Committee, who are a bunch of political appointees. Why not provide $500,000 or more to our cops for more staff and better pay?

This is value for money instead of the wasteful and mismanagement of public funds over the past several years.

The $26,000 is only part of the cost of a minister’s charter flight to the outer islands.

Then count or recount, how many charter flights have the ministers been travelling on over the past 24 months? This will be way over half a million dollars, for sure.

Why are Government priorities towards the Police changing all of a sudden? Our Police force deserve better recognition and rewards.

Saving Private Ryan

(Name and address supplied)

Taxpayers the auditorium heroes

I ask, what’s in a building? What is a building?

Well, it’s a timber, steel or block house built for shelter or some other purpose. This one was built for our entertainment. Government through Ministers (Mark) Brown and (George) Angene made a big fuss about the reopening of the refurbished auditorium.

Guests were invited and there was a big celebration at public expense. So what, you might say?

Well, the auditorium was built with our taxpayers’ hard-earned sweat and every cent of it.

No, not by Minister Brown and Angene. Definitely not. They would want the public to believe that they are the heroes and they alone are responsible for this big building.

What was amazing was seeing the two cousins (Brown and Maggie) reopening the auditorium. What they should have rightly done was to invite all representatives from our community to participate in the reopening ceremony.

This cross-section of our community will represent all those who one way or another, contributed their taxes to fund this building.

Stop the political grandstanding and acknowledge the real heroes who funded this building – the taxpaying public.


(Name and address supplied)

Tracking mails

People need to know and understand a lot has changed since Covid-19 in 2020. To have parcels and letters sent from Melbourne it will take approximately 2-4 weeks but that depends. When we are in lockdown, all parcels etc are held at the international airport and sitting there ready for air couriers to freight them. It is not the postal fault if and when they arrive.

I too send parcels to Raro, as long as I have my postage tracking number, I can always know where it’s at. Please be patient and use your tracking number to follow-up on your items or letters.

Chyna Cuthers