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LETTERS: ‘Oh, yes, we are ready all right’

Wednesday 2 February 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: ‘Oh, yes, we are ready all right’

Dear Editor, this writer has an abysmal school record when it comes to mathematics but, still, the “we are ready for Covid” numbers don’t seem to add up.

Twenty beds at the hospital, for those who are ill enough to require hospitalisation. And we have four ventilators.

Sounds a bit like a version of Russian Roulette.

Say half of those in hospital require a ventilator. Or say only 25 per require a ventilator. Someone is going to be up the proverbial creek without not only a paddle, but without air.

Will political party affiliation play a role in who breathes and who suffocates?

Oh, yes, we are ready all right. Ready for some potential deaths for lack of being ready.

(Name and address supplied)


CH B on 03/02/2022

Everyone has to take care of themselves - this is the truth of our public health system. It is good but it is not big enough to handle everything. I see us headed for a bit of a purge given the main risk factors are people with things like obesity + diabetes + hypertension which seems to be quite common in paradise. Too much of the rich life perhaps?? Dont just take my word for it - do your own research; If you are worried about your health get moving!! There are numerous entry level exercise classes (Cardio Combat for instance) Yes it can be daunting but rather feel a little embarrassed than dead! Don't rely on them...

Sally Wyatt on 02/02/2022

There's reason for optimism, not pessimism, about the ability of the CI health system to cope. With a booster, the hospitalisation rates for Omicron are very low and, of those hospitalised, only a handful will require ventilation. More information on hospitalisation rates here: But these hospitalisation rate statistics will over-represent the people actually hospitalised for Covid symptoms as opposed to being hospitalised for other reasons. This is explained here: Maybe someone from TMO is better able to comment on this than me. But as our population are mostly vaxxed, boosted and living outside in the fresh air then the chances are the hospital will cope just fine when Omicron hits. One unknown is how well children with no vaccination or only one vaccination will cope with the disease, which is why TMO seem to be expressing caution.