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LETTERS: Not time for blame game

Tuesday 15 February 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Not time for blame game

Dear Editor, instead of adding to the worry and stress, why not encourage the people to work together and help those who were at locations of interest or close contacts to isolate or come forth.

Playing the blame game seems to always be an ongoing trend on these notices (Cook Islands records Covid-19 community case) especially from those who don’t even live on the island anymore. Stop trying to impose your own self-righteous agendas and ideals to a nation where some may potentially already be living in fear. Adding to the stress won’t help.

If you think you can do a better job step up and run for Parliament. If not, stop trying to blame others for your own decisions. You made your choice, now grow up and live with it. I pray the nation realises that they have always been strongest at working together.

Love to families and people in Rarotonga.

Tingika Hugh Greig Elikana


I don’t understand this – close the borders, everyone complains to open it. Open it, everyone complains to close. So, what do you do? Just complain. But when people get sick and critical in Raro, where do they get sent to? Australia? No, New Zealand. Just not long ago a prisoner was very sick and everyone was complaining to let him in to NZ!

Just like any vaccine we get; it doesn’t prevent you from getting it (virus) but helps so you don’t suffer as much. It is what it is, it’s the new normal now not only in NZ or Raro but worldwide. We’re just lucky we’re not suffering as much as the rest of the world.

Without a government or laws, we’ll be like those in other countries that just run amuck but depend on the rest of the world to help them when it’s out of control and not safe! I’ve never run a country and I don’t think I ever would with all of the negative ‘moaning myrtles’ that are out there that think they can do a better job!

Amiria Kiria


Don't get mad, learn, learn to deal with Coved-19. Do calculations like the Kiwis, keep fighting, keep going, remember, have your rest. Keep everything clean, be careful at all times, when people talk back, don’t listen.

Keep your distance, don’t be out too long, keep away from gatherings, wash hands and lock your doors, home is a safe place. When people come to your home, put your mask on! Sanitize.

Jesse Reremoana


Just keep in mind that there are thousands of Covid cases in NZ and only 39 in hospital, none on ventilators. The booster makes a huge difference in stopping people get really ill from Omicron.

The second jab offered huge protection against Delta, but the virus is mutating. The booster doesn’t effectively prevent Omicron but will definitely reduce the severity. They can’t possibly predict or future proof for every variant. The story is may change again with the next variant.

Miriam Whelan


If you have had vaccinations plus booster, even if you do contract the virus you may not even know it or it will be very mild.

The vaccine was not created to keep you from getting the virus, but to keep you from getting a serious illness that would hospitalise or worse.

Keep wearing masks and social distancing, and wash your hands frequently!

Maryla Miller-feldheim


Just be calm and you’ll be fine, I’m assuming that the majority of the island has been vaccinated and those unvaccinated will be fine. Everyone knows the consequences; it’s been drummed into everyone since 2020-2021. Now it’s on the island, let’s wait and pray. Stay safe Raro.

Angai T Rima