LETTERS: Justice = equality, fairness, access for all

Wednesday 24 March 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Justice = equality, fairness, access for all

Mailbox for Wednesday March 24, 2021

Charter Flight Case

Dear Editor

In Monday night’s news, Mark Brown’s ranting, saying that everyone who is in the CAC (Citizens Against Corruption) group should be “ashamed of yourselves”.

This ranting by Mark Brown, is discrimination of a group of Cook Islands citizens. A mature and decent PM should not be saying such things on TV to the public. 

Discrimination is described as the unjust and prejudicial treatment of different groups of people. Clearly, Mark Brown was showing discriminatory behaviour and name calling.

The question that needs to be asked is, is the PM Mark Brown perfect? Of course not, no one is perfect, both in principles and morals. It is unfortunate that Mark Brown has to stoop so low as to open himself to public ridicule.

Our Constitution protects justice for all citizens in the Cook Islands. Justice is equality, fairness and access for all.

There is a saying, look at yourself first before you criticise others.

Fair Go

(Name and address supplied)

Mark Brown stands on the steps of the Rarotonga Court House, like King Pyrrhus of Epirus, whose army won the battle of Heraclea but suffered irreplaceable casualties wielding the word truth, like a man swats flies, not realising they are drawn to him and his mentor, Henry Puna by what is stuck to both of their shoes.

Regardless of the verdict, what was evident to the Cook Islands public was a Speaker of the House of Parliament who made “confusing” decisions that fell outside of Parliament’s rules and regulations and Clerks of Parliament, who despite saying no, had decisions overruled failing to protect the public’s hard earned money and taxes.

$47,000 may seem trivial to Mr Brown and Mr Puna, but to any of us in business and those in the private and public sector their exaggerated sense of entitlement to our money was caught in their eagerness to berate those who spoke against them.

How dare Henry Puna boldly stand on the steps of the Courts and speak of the bad name that others have brought on our country, accusing them of smearing our country’s reputation by their actions and behaviours?

Mr Brown positions himself as the saviour of our country, working diligently to save us and our businesses, while he continues to live a life, a wage and privileges, little if any different, to our business lives before Covid-19.

Please do not stand on the steps of our Courts and tell us to be grateful and thankful, while we all suffer and you continue a life of luxury and do not insult us Mr Puna, with statements on keeping the dignity and reputation of our country intact, and to safeguard from those that would wish to bring it down.

God is not mocked, what a man sows, that he surely will reap.

Concerned Cookie

Light-hearted or offensive

It was good to see she (columnist Ruta Mave) has moved on from her unsubstantiated, racist diatribes but sad to see she resorted to mindless, sexist drivel (Behind every great man is a surprised mother and wife, Monday March 22, 2021).

Certainly, in these “unprecedented times” some light-hearted relief is needed but why does CI News feel that we are interested in the minutiae of her intimate bathing rituals and those of her uncouth partner.

Surely the valuable space in a newspaper could be utilised by a columnist who has something worthwhile and relevant to say. I am sure there are plenty of well-educated writers out there who can pen an article or two that are not racist, sexist or an insult to a person’s intelligence.

Please do not subject us to this inane attempt at articles which tarnish the good name of this paper.

Your anti-ism reader

Ruta Mave replies: It’s a sad day when we can’t laugh at ourselves. Laughter is good for the heart, mind and soul. Sadly, some people dance in the rain, others just get wet. I hope your life will be ‘showered’ with fun and laughter.