LETTERS: Hypocritical views on same-sex rights?

Friday 4 June 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Hypocritical views on same-sex rights?

"Give me a loving, Christian, same sex married couple as my next door neighbours anytime over a raving hypocrite," says a CI News letter writer.

Dear Editor,

This reader appreciates Wilkie Rasmussen for going out on a limb by speaking frankly about the ongoing debate of the Crimes Bill. Wilkie says many Christian Cook Islanders find the thought of same sex couples being intimate as disgusting and immoral.

This writer finds disgusting the fact that we have leaders of politics and of the churches some of whom are known to have committed serious offences and my disgust is first with the perpetrators and then with those in power who remain silent on those sins all around us, that we all agree are sins, while at the same time casting stones at our rainbow community.

Give me a loving, Christian, same sex married couple as my next door neighbours anytime over a raving hypocrite.

(Name and address supplied)

Airport drain

Some years ago, I gave up ringing Joe Ngamata, the Airport Authority CEO, because when I phoned, I was always told that he was not there or not available.  Anyway, Joe did not call me back. Several years ago, I gave up emailing him as well because my emails always went unanswered.

Our key question remains:  Why does Joe continue to spray well known poisons that are banned around the world right beside the homes of the people of Nikao? If he stopped this environmentally dangerous behaviour the problem would be solved. He could then continue to not answer his phone calls and emails.

There are no water hyacinth in the grass drain that runs along the fence line on the sea side of the road here at Nikao. Nor are there any tilapia in that same sea side drain. Ngamata is referring to a completely different part of the airport drains. Not sure why he did that when it was quite clear which drain we were referring to -- sea side, grass drain full of water running along the airport fence. We don't have a concrete drain on our sea side like what was used on the Cook Islands News Facebook article, it is a grass drain that I refer to, which when full, drains into some properties along the fence line.

We are happy to talk to Joe! Come visit us and see for yourself! We are only a couple of hundred metres from your office! Please be more professional and become a responsible CEO!

Nari Crocombe

Joe Ngamata’s reply – Firstly, I haven’t received any phone calls or emails from Nari Crocombe regarding this matter.  My email is jngamata@airport.gov.ck and my mobile number is 55890.

In reference to the comment in the paper, I was replying to an email query by Rashneel of Cook Islands News and it quoted the drain down at the seawall end and there was no mention of other drains in Rashneel’s query.

We follow New Zealand in the use of chemicals and they have declared Glyphosate 360 as safe provided we follow the instructions on its use.

The grass drain is lower than all properties along the fence line and is mostly composed of coral sand. It is designed to flow to a concrete drain that empties out to the lagoon on one side and into the coral sand on the other side. If it is not doing that as alleged, we will have to do something about it. In the last 40 years I have only seen it flood once and that was in 1987 when Tropical Cyclone Sally blocked the main drainages from emptying out into the lagoon.

I’m in New Zealand now and will be back in Raro in the weekend so Nari is most welcomed to come and see me or call me and we can arrange to meet.

Editor’s note – The email sent to Joe Ngamata mentioned “the grass bank seaside airport drain becoming full of rainwater that turned stagnant”. 


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