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LETTERS: Driving along Nikao seawall

Monday 4 April 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Driving along Nikao seawall

Dear Editor, this road is so smooth and innocent (Police investigating motor vehicle and cyclist crash, Cook Islands News, March 31).

The sea wall with the painting is no distraction at all. So stop complaining and blaming the artwork!

Simple - careless drivers! Stupidity! Speeding! No patience at all and just love to speed and overtake!

Some also take the sea wall area as a speeding test for their motorcycles. And the accident did not occur on that side of the sea wall, it was where the Mets Office and usually accidents do occur around this area.

Maybe they were distracted by the police officers who were training with their new safety road equipment, who knows.

Just hope those who were involved in the accident are recovering well.

Kathleen Bond


Vehicle registration

BCI (Bank of the Cook Islands) sent an email out to all government departments in January 2022 about completing vehicle annual registration forms for all their respective government transports and sending those back to them – opportunity was also given to staff to do the same for their private vehicles of which I did for my vehicles too. I got my stickers on the first week of February – less hassle in having to stand in the queue for hours!

Rosita Taikakara


How about instead of everyone paying their regos all at the same time, why don’t we get an option to pay either 3 monthly, 6 monthly or 12 monthly?

This will stop this massive queue/rush of people all renewing their regos all at the same time! Just a thought aye.

Mark Castledine


There’s too much paperwork involved. One yearly sticker and one payment for your vehicle rego is a good system.

The queue was due to renewal of Rego and Benefit Day. As long as you get your yearly Rego and don’t get caught on the roads if you haven’t.

Lorna Nicholas