LETTERS: Delaying debate on same-sex rights

Friday 27 November 2020 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


"The government’s deferral of accepting same sex relationships will make them the laughing stock, so to speak, of the world."

The report (Crimes Bill deferred once again, delaying debate on same-sex rights) says “majority” asked for the controversial (same sex) provisions reinstated.

I say it’s more like a handful until a mandatory referendum such as in Australia is carried out, asking every single Cook Islander to participate and give their preference.

Islanders hide behind modern day religions introduced by the missionaries yet in other countries, including New Zealand and Australia, same sex relationships have built momentum in acceptance

Cook Islands government like the people need to be mindful that when borders open this could have an impact on potential workers from other Pacific nations and rebuilding tourism.

It’s about time the Cooks got into modern times, and treat everyone equally no matter what brackets of relationships they are in.

Ray Wathall


Why can’t our people understand that a denial of any human right is a threat to all our human rights!

We seem to use our faith as a reason to deny another their rights, yet equality before the law is not the denial of Christ. How their relationships or choices impact your faith is beyond me.

And what's more annoying to me is that we are happy to have them entertain us, make us laugh, create our amazing dancing costumes and choreography etc, etc, but when they want to be recognised we now want to silence them and keep them in the corner - cut it out already, let them live their lives and you live yours.

Riannon Tara


If you aren’t against having them live the way they want to, then why do you not support decriminalising their own sexuality?

I’d love to also see them get to marry whoever they want in the Cooks, but it probably won’t happen for a while. What the LGBT+ group are asking for right now are just plain and simple, and it won’t hurt anybody at all, remove homosexual acts between two people of the same sex, because it’s already been proven that sex between them are not at all harmful to society. And it damages the image of the Cook Islands if we don’t follow international law.

Logan Melvin