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LETTERS: Covid-19: Health versus wealth

Tuesday 21 September 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Covid-19: Health versus wealth

Letters for Tuesday September 21, 2021

Dear Editor,

One needs to feel and pray for the Government so pressured to make the best decision for us.

The economy is important as well as the lives of the people. We cannot go back to the primitive days so there needs to be some strategies put in place on how to open the border, who to let in and on what conditions, etc.

Prevention as opposed to cure is still the approach for us as the unvaccinated is the most vulnerable as well as the elderly. We also need to consider our nurses and doctors – they don’t need the pressure and fear of working on Covid patients.

Our biggest fear is those who refuse to be vaccinated because of the conspiracy theories that are guiding them. I support the full vaccination of all incoming tourists and that they must also be tested prior to entry.


Hosea Hosea


First thing first, Cook Islands, you are so lucky there is no virus (Covid-19) so stay away from opening your border, because if the virus gets to the island, you cannot control this virus.

I am in New Zealand in the frontline, and people are getting sick every day, and people are dying around the world. Don’t ask for something dangerous, if you can’t control it, so stay safe Cook Island.

Kia Toa e kia Manuia.

Monday Adam Marsters Poaiti


Keep the Cook Islands borders closed! Delta could wipe out the whole nation. Money isn’t worth your life! You can live off the land and sea and enjoy your paradise. You can be safe on the islands while the rest of the world works out how to get rid of this thing! The more people we keep safe and Covid free, the better. We don’t need this virus everywhere!

Ashley Fortez


Consider yourselves lucky, you’re still leading normal lives. Here in Sydney (isolation) going onto three months now, one person 5km travel to shops etc, no visitors allowed, exercise/walk time restricted. To sum it up, if you love your family and your community then you stay home. We’re prisoners in our own homes and rightly so. Failure to follow the rules may result in penalty up to $5000.

Enjoy your freedom.

Esther Turua


I think we’re ready (for the vaccinated only). We’ve been vaccinated and if Covid comes into our community, we know how to modify our behaviour to protect ourselves.

And if a booster vaccine is warranted, provide that to us. This is how we live with it, these things. Because this yoyo situation is not good for anyone’s mental health and definitely not good for our economy.

Pare Albert