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LETTERS: Call to legalise marijuana use

Tuesday 18 January 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Call to legalise  marijuana use

Dear Editor, anecdotally, over 50 per cent of the Cook Islands (adult) population uses marijuana, some say it’s as high as 70 per cent.

widely successful in treating those who suffer from anxiety, pain, inflammation, reducing nausea and vomiting from cancer, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. And the safe use of marijuana that improves the quality of life, by bringing happiness, when taken responsibly.

In that vein I want to thank all of the fine young men and women who are providing a great service to our people for bringing relief, comfort and joy. We applaud you. We salute you, very commendable.

Isn’t it obscene for Government to pass and enforce cannabis laws to try and stop us from enriching our lives in so many ways but go out of their way to bend over backwards to create loophole laws for offshore banking tax cheats and money launderers? Very sick and disturbed.

Those who oppose current marijuana laws argue that they have not worked because the incidence of marijuana uses and the availability of marijuana has rapidly grown.

All around the free world juries are voting not guilty on marijuana charges. Jurors everywhere say they have a big problem convicting someone for using and selling marijuana because they believe in legalisation.

A growing number of (former) law enforcement heads and politicians in the western world have called for the decriminalisation of cannabis. We haven’t heard one word from Commissioner of Police James Keenan, head of Corrective Services Teokotai Joseph, and PM Mark Brown on this subject but that’s par for the course down here, keep your head down, collect your paycheck, don’t be forthcoming and always be fearful of losing your job if you deviate from that creed. I’m sure I missed more of the creed but everyone gets the point.

Nonetheless we shall overcome the likes of the above and public prosecutors and that ilk.

The Government needs to declare a moratorium on all cannabis laws, biosecurity breached the Crimes Act when they allowed retailers and wholesalers to import and distribute problematic THC laced CBD products. No law was passed to allow for products derived from the prohibited genus cannabis plant, hemp, to enter the Cook Islands.

The constitutional rights of business and individuals are not being applied equally, it’s a clear violation of constitutional law.

The logical procedure is to suspend the law for a period of time, most likely indefinite in duration, until the purpose for which the moratorium is satisfied or resolved.

Are we a banana republic? Or a nation of laws?


Steve Boggs

Hedge trimming enigma

I write in response to Terry Rangi’s letter in support of his Minister George Angene’s actions. He needs to get his facts right. When Maggie first came out of prison in the late 1990s, he never cut hedges or grass however he learnt to be a builder. By the way why are prisoners being used to cut hedges on the side of the road in Tupapa, if this is the job by those contractors appointed by Internal Affairs to carry out and are being paid. Hedges in other villages are being trimmed by those contractors appointed by Internal Affairs. This is clearly an abuse of power and taxpayer’s money being wasted.

Those contracted by Internal Affairs should be trimming the hedges on the side of the road for they are paid to carry out such work. Why use prisoners to do this? Are they being paid personally by Terry Rangi or the Minister? I hope the government watch dogs such as PSC and the Audit Office, under this government will do something or will they turn a blind eye so they can keep their jobs. There’s an old saying in Maori that goes like this – Me e kuri kai moa tera, ka kai moa uatu rai.

Aue te iu i teia angaanga repo.

(Name and address supplied)