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4 December 2021


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4 December 2021


LETTERS: Are Pa Metua promise

Friday 24 September 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Are Pa Metua promise

Letters for Friday 24 September

Dear Editor,

With the Prime Minister blowing his own trumpet on the subject of Pa Enua investments (notably Aitutaki), perhaps he would do well to remember the promises he made regarding investment for the Are Pa Metua in Rarotonga.  Firstly, he should have stepped in and told the Airport Authority not to eject the elderly from their long-time residence at the airport – which as everyone can see is still empty.

Shame on you PM for that lack of initiative and leadership. For a mere $10,000 per year rental, the issue would have been resolved right there, and he and the government would have gained many ‘brownie points’ at the next election. But no, he and a couple of the other overpaid ministers came up with the ridiculous idea of renovating that building opposite CIBS. It would be hard to find a less fit for purpose structure in the entire country, let alone the huge cost of renovating that building. Only a bureaucrat or politician could have conceived of such an idea.

(Name and address supplied)

Covid-19 vaccination

Kia Orana, I met so many family and friends shared with that they don’t want to go through the patia (injection) of Covid-19. Some of these people claim they are Christians and they quoted Romans 8.31 – “What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” It’s true and faithful in that sense.

But we must remember that God ordained the nations the Government (please read Romans 13:1-6). Whosoever therefore resists the power, resists the Ordinance (this refers to the fact that God has ordained Government). Anarchy is not of God and they who resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

The law of the land is always to be obeyed, providing it does not offend our conscience or the world of God,

The domination mentioned here does not necessarily refer to such coming from God but rather from men. Please go and patia to free from Koviti.

Kia orana i te aroa maata o te Atua, e maata uatu rai te au Tangata tei aravai mai iaku e kare ratou e ariki kia patia ia ratou ite patia ote Koviti no te mea te Atua to ratou irinakianga. No tatou te ka akapeea

Roma 8:31 Ka akapeea oki tatou i teia au tuatua. No tatou te Atua ra koaite tika kia maro mai”

E tuatua tika rava teia kare tatou e maro atu kite Atua note mea ka akakite kotoa mai a Paulo tatau Roma 13;1.-6. E teia nei ko tei maro atu kite taoanga ra, kua maro aia ki teia akanoia e te Atu ra, e te aronga i Maro ra, ka rauka ia te akaapa ia ratou uarae.

Ko te kavamani basileia kua akamana te Atua ite reira, me patia tatou te patia nei tatou ia ta te Atua i akatinamou noreira aere patia ia koe kia kore koe e Koviti.

- Papa N George

Hut 24