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23 January 2021

LETTER: Treating drinking water using ozone

Saturday 21 November 2020 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


"We have the unique opportunity of not only getting into the 20th century but also the 21st century by using ozone to treat our water"

This will benefit human, animal and plant life as well as our lagoon. Ozone is a gas which turns to liquid when stored. It is produced from our atmosphere by a machine run by electricity called an Ozone generator, and it’s free.

The ozone is injected into water at X parts per million (like chlorine) and will kill bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc better than chlorine, then it dissipates – yes, disappears within 30 minutes.

Chlorine will kill these germs as well but remains in the water. Our bodies are 70 per cent water. Do we want chlorinated bodies or clean cells with pure H2O? With all the other crap (insect spray, weed killer, preservatives, food additives, etc) that we’re putting into our bodies do we want to add chlorine?

Oxygen is O, Water is H2O, Ozone is O3. It is a natural occurring gas all around us and is abundant in the stratosphere as a gas protecting our planet called the Ozone Layer.

Just because New Zealand, Australia and so-called progressive countries chlorinate their water we don’t need to copy them.

The cost to build and maintain this system (ozone water treatment) is on a par with chlorination apart from electricity to run the generators; I don’t know the cost to get power to all the intakes.

With the Government plan of 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 maintenance costs will be minimal.

This is a small investment to make resulting in healthy children in years to come and a healthy island.

The water people say ozone is not residual (ever present in the system), so what? With all the scientists on this island I’m sure we could get over that.

The medical profession is using ozone to treat disease. I think we can wash produce (fruit and vegetables) in ozone treated water for fumigation.

The Netherlands introduced ozone over 100 years ago and banned chlorine over 40 years ago. To our government and cultural leaders, it’s not too late!

Google it.

Steve Raymond