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31 December 2022

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11 November 2022

LETTER TO EDITOR: China support ‘should be welcomed’

Saturday 5 November 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTER TO EDITOR: China support ‘should be welcomed’

Dear Editor, Your letter writer of yesterday’s ‘No Chinatown’ message is just sour grapes.

Tupapa Maraerenga deserves upgraded sporting facilities including the new netball court dome; and a proposed stadium structure to allow the people of Tupapa Maraerenga to sit comfortably, under cover, to watch rugby and soccer games played on the field. In fact, there’s a lot more to do in the village!

Good on George Maggie, the MP for Tupapa Maraerenga, for getting out there and talking to various donors to make things happen for his people and village.

Leaving things to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to source funding for village projects is like waiting for an alien spaceship to fly over Rarotonga. Ain’t going to happen!

The people of Tupapa have been asking for improved sports facilities for yonkies. Now, George Maggie, the action MP is delivering on those wishes.

Lastly, why should we limit ourselves to one donor? We should be asking for help from NZ, Australia, USA, India, South Korea, Germany, France, England and yes, even China!

Development infrastructure projects for the people of Tupapa Maraerenga is most welcome!

Aid Recipient

(Name and address supplied)


We flew to Raro with Air NZ this year and we had nothing but problems with them. They overbooked the flight by a heap of people and a bunch of us got bumped off last minute. We are all standing there just waiting for stand by while people were still arriving after check in had closed and were getting put on the flight. My 14-year-old wasn't bumped so was going to be in Raro without us for hours on end.

I always thought going with Air NZ was the safe option so paid more. Booked with Jetstar to go back next year because it appears it doesn’t matter what airline you go with so may as well risk it for the cheaper flights (saving over $500 is worth the risk in my opinion),

Casey Alexander


Seabed mining

What risks does seabed mining pose to the ocean?

Because this is a relatively new and experimental technique, much of the science around the environmental impacts of seabed mining is incomplete or unproven. But scientists have expressed serious concerns over the multiple potential impacts of seabed mining, from the noise of the machinery affecting wildlife, to the activity killing animals and plants on the seabed.

There are also worries that the sediment plume (unwanted sand dumped back in the water) would smother marine life.

In addition to the direct impacts of the mining activity, there are also knock-on effects that can take longer to recognise. The marine food web is a delicate and complex thing; impact one creature and you are also impacting others in the food chain.

As well as the technique being new, little is known about the environments and biodiversity that lives in many of the areas being eyed for mining. We know less about the seafloor than we do about the surface of the moon, but seabed mining is set to destroy what we haven’t even understood yet.

Monday Adam Marsters Poaiti