LETTER: Hydro pole crash a wake-up call

Wednesday 9 June 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTER: Hydro pole crash a wake-up call

Daily letters for Wednesday June 9, 2021

Dear Editor,

I saw on Facebook over the weekend how a drunk driver crashed into a power pole just off the Avatiu Harbour driveway. I was informed that one of the fishing charters staff was behind the wheel and caught up in the drunk driving accident.

It’s about time those drunk fishermen from the Avatiu harbour hit a power pole. Wake up call! I am not being mean but the Ports Authority harbour master is a contributor to these fishermen drinking at the harbour site because he allowed these trends to happen.

Seriously, it’s the same guys from these charter boats, using the area as drinking spot and bringing their other mates along. This accident was bound to happen anyway. Luckily the driver of the white truck just missed the power box, imagine what would have happened.

Hope you learned your lesson mate.

To the Ports Authority, ban drinking at the Avatiu harbour. Wake up harbour master.

(Name and address supplied)

Harbour master John Jessie’s reply – Please inform nom de plume to come to my office to discuss further on this issue.


Are Pa Metua still waiting for new home

It is disgraceful that no action has been taken on the promise by PM (Mark) Brown of providing a suitably renovated centre in Panama for Are Pa Metua. This should have been enacted on immediately after the meeting in February. Surely funding can be fast tracked to get this project completed so our elderly have a place to meet.

Jacki Brown


For a country that (supposedly) has such respect for their ancestors I find it shocking that these old people are ignored by their government.

The PM has a lovely, new and extraordinarily expensive new office and these old people have to meet in their wonderful coordinator’s home.

Shame on you ministers and community.

Kate Taputunui O Iva



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