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Thriving in a man’s world

16 January 2021


Letter: Commitment to the cause of men’s health

Friday 13 November 2020 | Written by Emmanuel Samoglou | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


I would like to congratulate George George for taking on the challenge in promoting men’s health issues and speaking publicly about something that is very real and all men should take notice.

I understand he and others tried a couple of years ago to get this off the ground, but it’s been like, ‘oh I’m ok’, or akama comes into play, so it does take a wee while for these sorts of health issues to be taken seriously.

It took the Cook Islands Breast Cancer Foundation many years of hard work to break down the barriers that existed in talking about women’s health issues, breast cancer being the main one. It took another couple of years of lobbying to get the annual mammography screening programme in place, thank you Ministry of Health. We persevered and are proud to be where we are today.

Women are now being breast smart along with asking questions about other women’s health issues and we are there with commitment to the cause, the unpaid hours etc, but you must continue to promote and having awareness programmes is the key to anything being successful, so be prepared for the long haul.

As the saying goes “early detection is your best weapon and can save your life” is so true and that applies to men’s health as well.

Wishing all the very best with your men’s health campaign for November and in the future.

Good things come from publicly highlighting health issues of any kind.

Kia Manuia.

Dawn Baudinet