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LETTERS: So what’s the point of isolation now?

Thursday 12 May 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: So what’s the point of isolation now?

Dear Editor, when is what I believe to be a draconian exercise of authority by the TMO going to stop?

In my opinion, the pandemic is well and truly over. We have officially had 5,307 cases here despite a more than 90 per cent vaccination rate. I suspect the real figure is considerably higher as many - including myself, did not report when they were taken ill.

The virus has spread all over the community and has now tapered off. So what is the point of isolation?

There has been one reported death due to Covid-19, but how many people have died of heart and vascular disease within a month following a jab? I know several. In my opinion the jab increases the risk for this, but the establishment refuses to acknowledge it.

Today I went to the local clinic to make an appointment to see a doctor regarding a health issue that I believe is far more serious than Covid. I was told I had to take a RAT test first. It was positive. I believe it was positive because I had Covid four weeks ago.

The RAT test does not measure the presence of the virus, it measures the presence of antigens the body has produced to combat the virus. The antigens stay in the body three to four months. So, I am deemed to have been infected today, even though I believe I am well and truly over it. Then two police officers turned up at my door with a red flag and a notice that I have to isolate for seven days.

I have people who can witness as to when I had Covid, but TMO will not accept that - and I won’t be able to see a doctor.

Are we living in a Police State?

Jan Kristensson

Sheraton report

Regarding the NES report in respect of the Sheraton complaint and an EIA failing to reveal who destroyed the creek on the Arorangi side of the project: Is the name of the culprit to be revealed, or is the problem that NES has no idea who did this in broad daylight?

Details supplied

National Environment Service (NES) director Halatoa Fua responds: The short answer is no. NES received a complaint on the excessive storm water runoff, but with no further details or evidence. NES plans for further monitoring and public communications is underway.


Nikao seawall mural continues to delight

Outstanding work/commitment. Got to drive past a few times a couple of week ago. Keep up the great work.

Nadine Porter

It looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in person.

Celestia Samuela

Diagnosing her daughter’s dyslexia

People with dyslexia are very unique and gifted. They see things differently, but they learn the same if not more than the average person.

Darlene Apulu

Yala honoured for services to community

Congratulations, well deserved indeed.

Helen Maunga

Wow....Congratulations to an amazing well-deserving woman.

Sylvana Taoro-Puia