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LETTERS: ‘I’m in pain’

Thursday 28 April 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: ‘I’m in pain’

Dear Editor, this letter is about isolation, but it could be about medication, but it could also be about noise control and care facilities.

I tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday April 14.  

Two hours in and I’m now in excruciating pain due to a kidney problem.

Friday 6am and I’m on my way to hospital in an ambulance where I’m put on an IV drip.

When the pain subsided, the ambulance took me home.

This continued for three days before it was decided I should be admitted to hospital on Sunday April 17.

Now, am I in hospital for Covid-19 or am I in for the pain I am experiencing due to my kidney problem?

As far as I am aware, I’m in pain and that is exactly why I’m in hospital.

I am given pain relief and I am not acutely aware of my surroundings yet.

For pain relief I am prescribed a minuscule dose of morphine, not conducive to my size but I don’t know this.

I’m in pain!

My body is slowly coming to terms with the pain and medication to ease it, and I become aware of my surroundings.

I’m in Covid land.

The isolation ward.

It’s as it should be.

Decked out the way it should be to cope with a Covid-19 emergency.

A humidifier that cleans contaminated air is also in the room breathing life in the noisiest way possible, that my pain has now mutated to my head.

I pleaded with the nurse to let me out but his reply was, rules are rules and I’m not allowed out.

Hang on a minute.

Am I in hospital or am I in jail?

Why am I here again?

The nurse finally relented and let me stick my head out the door with my mask on of course and the change in me happened instantly.

I’m alive and pain free.

Minister of Health, I am sure you trialed this room for Covid patients right?

So you would know that once Covid has been cured you would be dealing with a mental health problem right?

Let's catch up over coffee so I can give you the ins and outs of my time in hospital.

It truly was an experience.

I say thank you to the ambulance drivers and my two nurses who put up with me and kindly took care of me, and also to the doctors.

Meitaki ngao

Tamaiva Tuavera

What does the future hold for my children?

Do our youth have a future in this nation?

Do I jump on the plane and follow everyone else looking for greener pastures beyond our moana nui o kiva?

When will this cycle end?

I thought the future is here now but kare, our future is leaving on a jet plane while we continue to run our country into debt for them to come back and pay one day - if they come back!

We can't rely only on tourism.

We can't rely on exporting veggies because no one has given us the assistance for sustainable development.

We definitely can't rely on the government.

So, what future do our children have again?

Inangaro Adrienne Blenkarn