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LETTERS: Families battle over land

Saturday 6 August 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: Families battle over land

Dear Editor, the families treat other family members like they are trying to steal the land when it’s your family right to have a share.

It’s near impossible to get land without a fight in court which is ridiculous, you are supposedly succeeding your parent after their passing away and it should be granted if you are entitled and have the documents. Too many greedy families in the Cook Islands. So sad, not how the Cook Islands should be and the ancestors would be appalled.

Sharmaine Puleosi


There are some landowners who live in NZ, have had their land for over 30 years and have done absolutely nothing. They don’t take the responsibility to clean their land instead leave it untouched. Full of weeds, infested with rats which go onto neighbouring land.

So unfortunately, the neighbours or family have to get someone to clear it out of their own cost to prevent rats coming into their homes and eat through the electrical stuff. Despite asking on many occasions to clean their land they have not once made any attempts. This is very frustrating for our mamas who are the neighbouring landowners.

We started our search for land on my mum’s side over 15 years ago. Got the birth certificates/succession order/got the plans and names of the land however we found out the majority of the land had already been taken by the other families leaving my mum’s family with minimal.

You know our parents left for a better life in NZ in the 60s, not realising after 30+ years their kids would want to return. My mum’s siblings have land however there are a few who missed out.

Linda Akavi


Calls to reduce the number of MPs

It’s not sustainable either. Norman George was saying to reinstate the NZ and Australia seats which I support. Who are the low lives that took it out? When you need money, you run to us here in NZ and Australia to help. And we do help big time.

Most of Demo voters have gone to CIUP (United Party) in this election! Good on them, they have been campaigning brilliantly. Time Demo caucus to get back to the drawing board.

I admire Teariki Heather so strong. We need a strong, passionate parties in government to fight against corruption.

Tata William


Our population does not justify the number of MPs. Remove the parties and vote for the best person. We had a non-binding referendum on medicinal marijuana when that should be a medical decision not Joe Public and yet no party mentioned anything about the reduction of MPs (happy to be corrected here).

Anthony Doel


Wake up New Zealand

“Simply put, it has to be Mark Brown or whoever is confirmed as Prime Minister to meet with (New Zealand Prime Minister) Jacinda Ardern, and tell her exactly what position we are in.” (Tourism operators discuss lack of flights with NZ High Commission, Cook Islands News August 5)

These are New Zealand businesses operating in the Cook Islands, your Realm. What is the purpose of having a High Commission if its duty is not to send the feedback from its citizen, or should the business community petition the New Zealand Parliament to investigate the incompetence of its listening post?

This is an urgent matter that requires urgent attention, not put on the back burner waiting for a final count, then electoral petitions to see whoever the PM is going to be.

Stop passing the buck.

Houston, we have a problem.

(Name and address supplied)