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LETTERS: Election promises at taxpayers’ cost

Tuesday 24 May 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


LETTERS: Election promises at taxpayers’ cost

Dear Editor, I recently returned to live back in Rarotonga and I’m sad to see nothing seems to have changed much in the ‘Crook Islands’ now it’s election year.

If a court hearing can be held via Zoom to convict and jail a (former assistant) director for National Environment Service, why hasn’t Nga Puna been called up? He was sacked from NES and is charged with theft as a servant and his wife Diane Charlie Puna charged the same as well as conspiracy to defraud from Infrastructure, they should both be in court right now. Deputy Prime Minister Robert Tapaitau who was stood down from the position while receiving full wages and recently reinstated also has fraud and theft related charges against him. His case should have also been called up.

The court system (as recently seen) works via Zoom so if Government are honest this should be done before the elections, then voters will know if Tapaitau is trustworthy or not. If convicted the CIP party will lose their majority.

CIP will be upto their normal tricks before the elections. Watch for flights to the Pa Enua to have a photo taken, grants to fishing clubs or tarseal roads to nowhere happen so they can make election promises at the cost of taxpayers’ money. 

Rangi Ero

Editor’s note – According to Solicitor General Graham Leung: “This case is one of many on the criminal list and will be disposed of in the normal way. In every criminal case, the ultimate decision on when a trial will take place is determined by the court, not prosecuting or defence counsel. There is a backlog of criminal cases awaiting trial going back to 2020.”

Real Rarotonga or ‘Real Mess’

The Tourism Corporation, being asked by those who would protect our environment from further degradation to think added value instead of thinking added numbers, has, outside its office, a signboard with the heading, “Experience the Real Rarotonga”. Three suggestions are offered, including “Buggy Tour”.

And that’s the sad part. The buggy tours that are digging up the soil at the old Sheraton really is the “Real Rarotonga”. Just like the polluted Muri lagoon, this is now the “Real Rarotonga”.

A few decades ago, the Real Rarotonga was something we all treasured. Now it’s a Real Mess.

That signboard in front of the Tourism Office says it all. And it is enough to make some people cry at our loss.

(Name and address supplied)