With freedom comes responsibility

Tuesday 2 February 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Editorials, Opinion


Dear Editor, Tina Browne’s attack on the well-known journalistic protagonist of goings-on, George Pitt, certainly does come across as very personal and shows some deep-seated unresolved issues betwixt the Demos and Pitt. Love him or hate him, it is of no consequence in the greater scheme of things, the truth will always out, whether one wants it to or not.

I thought wow, this is personal, this attempts to show him in a bad light, most heinous of all is the use of private and personal information which really should have been edited out. Who cares about Pitt’s private life, that’s his, I would be mortified, its unwarranted and uncalled for.

This is truly not a well-balanced article if she is trying to score brownie points, in fact, quite the opposite, she looks as though she has thrown all her toys out of the cot and then inexplicably talks about ‘hate speech’ and proffers that Pitt is guilty of promoting this. I think the standard in which this is measured, is quite high and in this context is more akin to freedom of expression.

Tina then attacks Pitt’s country status and says that he maliciously attacks and treats our people with scorn (her words not mine). Then she goes on to state that he has been relentless in his vitriol for many years and that this is not how “we” Cook Islanders behave or treat each other.

Come on Tina, referencing that Cook Islanders don’t do certain things is contrary to what we really know happens behind closed doors and that is because it is exactly how Cook Islanders treat and behave not only amongst themselves but also as regards foreign workers.

Pitt and many like him, including myself have made our homes here and instead of getting snotty at us for writing and expressing opinions about the rorts that go on, the philandering by certain MPs, the party-political appointees, voting in higher MP salaries, the junkets, the treating and bribery, favouritism in job appointments and the shoddy recruitment practices, Tina and her ilk should be focusing on those things.

By attacking Pitt, she attacks us all who write for others who cannot articulate or express what they want to say without fear or fail. By attacking us all, this sets a precedent to allow other writers to be attacked for the right under our Constitution to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom to have a voice no matter how distasteful this may seem.

If you don’t want to be subjected to scrutiny, then don’t put yourself or your group into a position where you can be taken to task for something that you are doing or have done, should be doing or are not doing that is tika. You know it’s not right in your heart of hearts no matter how you wish it to be, no matter how you justify it, no matter how your quislings articulate it, it is wrong in anyone’s language, get over yourself.

Te Tuhi Kelly


Progressive Party