The art of wave riding on display at art expo

Tuesday 1 December 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Local, National


The art of wave riding on display at art expo
Miriama Arnold with her art piece titled “Aere Maru” and her mother Mata (left) at the TATOU2 Story of Us art exhibition at Bergman and Sons Gallery last night. 20113013.

Local artists showcased their work at the 'TATOU2 Story of US' exhibition on Monday evening.

Miriama Arnold’s acrylic on plywood art piece titled “Aere Maru” has a sense of fresh crispness with the endless freedom of the ocean.

“During these times of lockdown and isolation and our separation from the rest of the world, I’ve noticed the other communities out there together, and one of the communities I’ve been able to interact with is the surfing community,” says Arnold.

She is amazed at what this particular group of surfers do out there in the water.

“To me it’s spectacular and I’ve had the privilege of being able to join them in these moments.”

Arnold is learning to surf “with lots of help along the way and good guides”.

She says being out there amongst other Cook Islanders who are passionate about the ocean, and doing what they do “is just crazy sometimes … the magnitude of waves, the power that comes through and to see them with big smiling faces charging after something as huge as this”.

“So, I wanted to capture that and to showcase it for every other person on the island to see.”

Aere Maru is the second art piece she has publicly shown at an art exhibition.

“My style is still forming - still searching for it…” said Arnold.