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Wednesday 13 July 2022 | Written by Caleb Fotheringham | Published in Local, National


Lady Moana dry docked in Tahiti
Lady Moana dry docked in Tahiti for a necessary check that happens every four years. TAIO SHIPPING/22071102

Taio Shipping’s only operational outer islands cargo ship is dry docked in Tahiti for a necessary check that happens every four years.

Company director Josh Taio said the ship was being surveyed, which was “basically” like a car getting a warrant of fitness.

“They do a full thorough check to make sure the boat is seaworthy for another four years then we do regular surveys in between the four years.”

Taio said normally ships would not be able to operate commercially without the survey, however, extensions were granted because closed borders meant dry docks were unreachable.

The last survey for Lady Moana was done in 2018.

“We've had regular checks in between (the surveys) under the haul with divers in Raro.”

Taio said the condition of the ship found in Tahiti is what was expected.

“It’s actually still in really good condition, we've just had an ultrasonic test done with the hull.”

Taio said the ship could depart Tahiti for Rarotonga by the end of this week and could start operating again in the Pa Enua next week.

Meanwhile, there’s still no indication when the MV Grinna II will be removed from Manihiki’s reef.

The 280-tonne ship ran aground in March, since then there have been multiple failed attempts to remove the ship from the reef and sink it at sea.

Taio said the matter was in the hands of the insurance company.

“She's still upright at this stage and locked down.”