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Thursday 28 April 2022 | Written by Sian Solomon | Published in Local, National


Creative Centre makes ‘Amazing Race’ pit stop
The Creative Centre’s ‘red team’ stopped off at Air New Zealand for extra points. PHOTO: SIAN SOLOMON/22042720

Members of the Creative Centre have participated in their own Amazing Race.

Two teams battled it out while traveling around Rarotonga in opposite directions, stopping off at different locations and collecting extra points on Wednesday.  

Ursula Puia who was part of the red team and traveling anti-clockwise said: “This is the Creative Centre Amazing Race which is a challenge between two teams, where one team goes clockwise and the other one goes anticlockwise, in a race to meet up where there is a winner at the end.

“Last week, we did the first race for the Creative Centre and the ladies won.

“This week we are doing another race to compete again.”  

During the race, the red team, who started off from the auditorium made a brief pit stop at the Air New Zealand office to collect an extra point by taking a photo with staff member Carolyn Tixier before moving on to their next challenge and location.

Mele Tuitupou who is the Creative Centre’s Assistant Manager and was the red team’s drivers said: “We have to make sure we have a staff member so we can have a point.

“It has to be an extra point for our team.  

“That’s why we have to grab one of the staff working here (at Air New Zealand), so we can have an extra point from here as well as the auditorium.”