Cook Islander dancing into her dream

Tuesday 26 January 2021 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Local, National


Cook Islander dancing into her dream
Dancer Havana Beal Vogel on stage. 21012507

An intense and dedicated love of dancing and years of hard work and discipline has paid off for Havana Beal Vogel.

Havana Beal Vogel’s dream to dance for well-known dance sensation Parris Goebel’s ‘The Palace Dance Studio’ in the Royal Family Adults dance group based in Auckland New Zealand has come true.

Vogel received the ecstatic news from Brett Goebel - Parris’ father who manages the dance firm, a few days ago.

Shocked, ecstatic and emotional, she cried, realising her dream to make it on the professional world stage of dance with Goebel is now a reality.

Reaching out to her parents who live in Cairns, Australia, to share the good news, she says, “Mum and Dad took forever to answer their phones. I couldn’t wait to tell them, I had so much excitement and joy that when they answered the phone I just screamed “I got in!”.”

“Dad had the biggest grin on his face and mum was screaming in the staff room at her work. I was so happy,” said Vogel.

Her mother Moira Guinea Vogel Beal and father Beal Vogel Beal were still “floating on cloud nine” yesterday, delighted with their daughter’s accomplishment.

“Beal and I are beyond proud of her, we are so, so, proud of her. She has worked all these years to be given this opportunity,” said Moira.

Vogel began dancing at the age of five starting with Jazz, she then took up Ballet, Contemporary and Acrobatics.

She has great admiration for Goebel, a distinguished dancer and choreographer from New Zealand who has also worked with famous international artists including Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.

Goebel has led her Royal Family dance crew to victory at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships three times - becoming the first group in history to achieve it. She is the founder and main choreographer of the dance school "The Palace Dance Studio".

Havana Beal Vogel successfully auditioned for Parris Goebel’s MNZM Palace Dance studio claiming a spot in the Royal Family Adults dance group in Auckland. 21012506

“I admire that Parris and her team are really big on being yourself and no matter what size or shape you are, they look at you purely for the way you move - not the way you look,” said Vogel.

At the age of 15 she left home to further her passion for dance and moved to the Gold Coast to train and study dance for three years with renowned studio Dance Force.

It was there where she picked up Hip Hop, Commercial Jazz, Heels, Musical Theatre and certain styles of Ballroom and also studied a Certificate III and IV in Dance while training.

Because of Covid-19, Vogel did not take up dance contracts last year, she chose to stay with her family in Cairns and worked with her home base studio FND Dance Academy.

She had moved to Auckland in late December 2020 (she did the required two weeks’ quarantine) to make it in time for the Royal Family intensive workshop which then led straight into the auditions - a full week of dancing 10 hours a day.

“I love dancing, because there are no limits to it. As soon as I step in the studio I feel at ease, you have so much freedom within your movement and having all your friends around you that share the same passion as you, is an indescribable feeling. It really makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be dancing in a room with so many talented people,” she said.

“Dancing on stage is the best feeling ever. All your hard work and effort is being showcased to an audience and you get to share that experience with all your friends that worked just as hard as you did. It’s quite an emotional feeling because you are so happy that you are on stage but sad because you never want it to end.”