Committing to the Cook Islands Promise

Monday 23 November 2020 | Written by Supplied | Published in Health, National


Committing to the Cook Islands Promise
Jessica Glassie (left), Mosman Baker, Tutu Tuavera during the group work discussions for the Kia Orana Plus rapid training programme. 20112222

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation are encouraging people join them in making “your Cook Islands Promise”.

The Cook Islands Promise is a joint commitment to protect all Cook Islands residents, and international visitors, from the severe acute respiratory syndrome, widely known as Covid-19.

By participating in the Kia Orana Plus rapid training programme, businesses and individuals are making headway to commit to the Promise. Rolled out over four phases, the training is ensuring individual, industry and community readiness is achieved.

The Kia Orana Plus rapid training programme has been delivered to over 300 participants across Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Claire Wilson, Cook Islands Tourism’s business partnerships manager, said: “Individual and business feedback has been fantastic. For some, the training serves as a positive reminder of what needs to be done. And for others, it has given them a whole new perspective on what they can be doing.”

At each training, Wilson and the team sign up their participants to the CookSafe contact tracing system.

“What we have realised from the training is that, change starts with the individual. What started as a one stop training has now evolved into four phases. Phase one focused on CEO’s, business managers and directors. Phase two focused on the employees. Phase three has been ‘in-business’ specific training. And now, we are progressing into phase four. This phase will see the programme reach our schools and community groups. We all need to do our part to commit to the Cook Islands Promise and remain vigilant.”

The training provides tips and recommendations on best practice during this time: pragmatic physical distancing, good hygiene and disinfection. The Promise outlines three different zones: the general zone, the explore zone and the stay zone.

The training is reminding participants to avoid crowding, avoid direct contact and to avoid unnecessary touching, all while maintaining our Kia Orana Spirit and customer service.

Wilson said: “While these important steps will see the temporary pause on our much loved Kia Orana Customs: hugging, kissing, aka ei and the sharing of food, we must remember this is not forever. The Kia Orana Aunties have worked hard to ensure that the Kia Orana Spirit is not lost during this time. There are now 3 Kia Orana signs for our much loved values; Kia Orana, Meitaki and Mana Tiaki. This sign language is taught through our Kia Orana Plus training.”

If you would like to register for the Kia Orana Plus rapid training programme, email Carlene Mapu or phone +682 29435.