Businesses on board with CookSafe

Wednesday 18 November 2020 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Health, National


Businesses on board with CookSafe
Mahana Aerenga at Prime Foods, which began using the CookSafe contact tracing system earlier this year. TURAMA PHOTOGRAPHY 20081901

Business people around Rarotonga are urged to contact the Private Sector Taskforce CookSafe team if they are having issues with their CookSafe contact-tracing system scanner.

Taskforce chairman Fletcher Melvin said there are no technical issues as such but there can sometimes be operator issues.

The CookSafe pilot scheme was launched in June and Melvin said there are currently over 3000 people with QR Cards, 290 businesses and 12,100 scan activities.

“This is an important pillar in the public health safeguard against widespread infection and it is crucial that everyone embraces the system and scans in everywhere there is a TAG IN Here sign,” Melvin said.

“If each business is using an appropriate phone or tablet with an effective camera and they are ensuring that the scanning software is correctly presented on the screen every day, it is an easy and reliable process.”

He says there are many examples where the system is working perfectly.

 “If business people are experiencing issues with their scanner all they have to do is phone or e-mail the CookSafe team and more often or not the issue can be resolved over the phone.”