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Friday 11 February 2022 | Written by Caleb Fotheringham | Published in Health, National


45 percent vaccine certificates distributed
Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health was overwhelmed at the influx of people who came to pick up their vaccination certificates last month at the National Auditorium. PHOTO: MELINA ETCHES/ 22011002

Less than half of vaccine certificates have been distributed but a big number have just not been picked up, says a statemen from Te Marae Ora (TMO) Ministry of Health.

The certificates can be used as proof of vaccination for travel to New Zealand, Australia and the Pa Enua (outer islands).

So far 45 percent (6108) certificates have been distributed, 16 percent (2126) certificates have been printed but not yet collected and the remaining 39 percent (5332) have not been printed.

Out of the certificates not printed 18 percent are for people living in the Pa Enua, which will be distributed next month.

As of Tuesday, 13,566 Cook Islands residents have been fully vaccinated with the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine, they are eligible for the vaccine certificate.

TMO spokeswoman Jaewynn McKay said there were a number of possible reasons for certificate delays, including incorrect details on TMO’s records not matching passport names.

“Ensuring TMO has the correct identification in an individuals’ Medtech record – one that matches the passport details of individuals has proved very time-consuming. So too is updating the Vaccination Master List that is being prepared in order to produce our digital vaccination certificates.”

The digital vaccination certificates will be made available in April this year. The statement said Te Marae Ora was working closely with the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Brent Fisher, who late last year raised concern over the health ministry charging for vaccination certificates, said he is pleased it’s now available for free.

“I think they’re doing a great job what they’re doing, the vaccines and everything it’s awesome,” Fisher said yesterday.

Meanwhile Aitutaki’s vaccination rollout for five to 11-year-olds concluded on Wednesday.

Out of 234 eligible people, 231 got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, accounting for 98 percent of the eligible population.