Understanding the importance of Oceans Day

Wednesday 9 June 2021 | Written by Alana Musselle | Published in Environment, National


Understanding the importance of Oceans Day
The team from the Ministry of Marine Resources at their information booth - 21060818

Eight government agencies participated in World Oceans Day yesterday, sharing information and advocacy for environmental awareness under the theme ‘Life and livelihoods.’

World Oceans Day is held each year as a reminder of the huge role the ocean plays in the livelihoods of human beings and the importance of supporting and protecting the marine ecosystem, especially now more than ever.

Marae Moana, Seabed Minerals Authority, Ministry of Marine Resources, the National Environmental Service, Ministry of Transport, Climate Change, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Infrastructure Cook Islands all banded together at the Maire Nui Drive to mark this day, each setting up individual information booths.

There were also a range of food stalls present and a selected group of guest speakers which included Prime Minister Mark Brown and Marae Moana ambassador Kevin Iro.

Students from Apii Avarua attended, accompanied by their teachers and were given the opportunity to sit and listen to the Prime Minister speak about the meaning behind World Oceans Day and the importance it holds.

“It is very important that these kids understand the importance of World Oceans Day. A lot of our people underestimate firstly the size of our ocean, the importance of our ocean, and the future potential of our ocean,” Brown said.

He added that a lot of these kids would probably only think of themselves on an island rather than thinking of their island as part of a huge ocean.

“It is a journey of learning and understanding for these kids, and these booths we have here will hopefully give them a better understanding of the role each agency does.”

PM Brown shared his hope that some seeds would be planted in the minds of some of the students regarding future career options.

He also shared the significance of World Oceans Day coinciding with the country’s budget breakfast held earlier that morning where “diversifying the economy and turning towards the potential our oceans have for the prosperity and livelihoods of the country was discussed”.


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