PM welcomes Biden decision on climate change

Friday 22 January 2021 | Written by CI News Staff | Published in Environment, National


PM welcomes Biden decision on climate change
Prime Minister Mark Brown. 20022147

Prime Minister Mark Brown yesterday welcomed the United States’ commitment to re-join the Paris Agreement on climate change.

On Wednesday, President Joseph Biden recommitted the United States to the agreement, the international accord designed to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects.

President Biden ordered federal agencies to start reviewing and reinstating more than 100 environmental regulations that were weakened or rolled back by former President Donald J. Trump, according to The New York Times.

In a statement PM Brown said: “It’s great to see one of the super-powers of the world realigning and putting focus squarely back on what is undoubtedly humanity’s greatest threat to its survival.”

“We in the Cook Islands welcome President Biden’s decision. Whilst climate change is the issue affecting small island states, it is a global issue, and we all have a part to play.

“It’s notable that President Biden has moved so quickly. This demonstrates the urgency. We look forward with optimism to further announcements by the new administration on what commitments the USA will support, particularly for our Pacific region”.

Pacific Islands Forum chair Kausea Natano, the prime minister of Tuvalu, said:  “I look forward to continued and strengthened relationships between the peoples of the Pacific and the United States of America. Our Blue Pacific faces a climate change crisis that threatens our future prosperity and the move by President Biden and his administration to bring the US back to the Paris Agreement is warmly welcomed and appreciated.

“The announcement comes at a time when the world is faced with a multitude of hazards including Covid-19. We must use this positive development to inject greater urgency for the world to work collectively and have the courage and commitment to deliver on urgent climate action now, to bring us to a 1.5-degree Celsius development pathway.”

In congratulating President Biden and Vice-President Harris on their incredibly successful inauguration on Wednesday, PM Mark Brown said: “It was an uplifting event. They have wasted little time getting on to their work and actioning their plans. I wish them every success.”