Cultural workshop for tour guides hailed a success

Monday 3 May 2021 | Written by CI News Staff | Published in Economy, National


Cultural workshop for tour guides hailed a success
Mauri Toa shares his knowledge on various cultural areas of significance in Avana. 21050101

Tauranga Vananga - the Ministry of Cultural Development, and the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation joined forces last week to run their first cultural tour guide workshop.

The workshop is the result of their joint commitments outlined in a five-year memorandum of understanding.

During his opening address, Tauranga Vananga head Anthony Turua said the workshop will help to enhance the cultural knowledge of tour guide operators and strengthen these services in Rarotonga.

“Kia matutu te au karere, ete au tua, no runga i te au tuanga peu tupuna, peu maori, te ka oronga iatu ki te au Turuto me tae mai ki runga i to tatou paepae.”

Sieni Tiraa, the destination development coordinator of Cook Islands Tourism, said the two objectives of the workshop were to enhance knowledge on marae protocols, and increase knowledge on cultural areas of significance in the Takitumu region.

“Guest speaker and cultural expert Mauri Toa presented on the two focus areas, which was well received from over 50 tour guides representing the various tour businesses on Rarotonga,” Tiraa said.

The workshop consisted of a group activity, presentations, and a site visit to Avana to show some of the landmarks in the village of Ngatangiia.

One of the participants stated on their evaluation form that this type of cultural workshop needs to be held on a regular basis “so that tour guides can assess whether they are delivering the right information to their clients and adhering to our cultural values and protocols”.

Tauranga Vananga and Cook Islands Tourism said they will continue this partnership to strengthen the tourism offering by expanding and replicating this type of workshop in the areas of Puaikura and Te Au O Tonga in coming months.