Mataio wins Mire Atu composer of the year

Monday 21 December 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture, National


Mataio wins Mire Atu composer of the year
Kairua Roimata Mataio has always loved singing and was proud to win the Mire Atu composer of the year competition. Photo: KATRINA TANIRAU. 20122005

"If you love writing and singing – just do it".

Those were the words of first time entrant Kairua Roimata Mataio, who said he was shocked to win the Mire Atu Composer of the Year competition held last week.

Mataio composed the reggae styled song “Tumutoa” that tells the story of back in the day when people on the island of Rakahanga would cross the sea to Manihiki when food was scarce.

“They would pray to God for calm seas for their travels to Manihiki, and head out for the island, it was their way of life,” said Mataio.

This is the first competition Mataio has participated in - a relative Poureva Maea sang the composition.

“I’ve always loved singing, but I was never confident enough to come out and just sing,” said Mataio.

“If you love writing and singing, just do it. You can’t improve yourself if you just keep your talents hidden and don’t share it, you won’t get anywhere.

“Like me, I had always loved singing, but I was too scared to sing, I was too scared people would laugh at me, I was too scared people would judge or criticise me.”

Mataio’s confidence grew with the Nikao CICC Praise and Worship team.

“I thought of all those years of time wasted, when I didn’t sing.”

The results for the Mire Atu are as follows: 1st Composer Kairua Roimata Mataio, song Tumutoa, singer Poureva Mataio; 2nd composer Kati Unuia, singer Tuaine Unuia, song Taura Atua Teretere Moana; 3rd composer Papatua, singer Heinarii Syme, song Vaka rangi ma toru o Auau Enua.

Consolation prizes: Katreena Smith, Upokotea Bob and Pastor Ngarima George who each composed and sang their own songs.