Juniors sing their hearts out

Monday 2 November 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture, National


Juniors sing their hearts out
Ake Tuakana of Apii Avarua won the1st prize for the 11 year old age group and collected Best presentation. MELINA ETCHES /20103123.

The 2020 junior song quest held on Friday night at the National Domes drew an impressive crowd of over 500 families and friends who witnessed the amazing talent of 22 upcoming songs stars.

The brave and entertaining youngsters wowed the audience with their performances.

Each artist represented their respective schools and sang a Maori song of their choice.

The results are as follows:

Age group 8 years: 1st Te Ra Rongo;  2nd Eileen Akai; 3rd Moetauia Mataroa. Age group 9 years: 1st Alice Apera; 2nd Peipai Katoa; 3rd loata Ritova. Age group 10 years: 1st Eitia Taylor; 2nd Katarina Brider; 3rd Hanalei Kauvai. Age group 11 years: 1st Ake Tuakana; 2nd Lahaina Henry; 3rd Toto Tiaore. Age group 12 years: 1st Ngamarae Tangaina; 2nd Tarita Thomson; 3rd Lupelause Soatini. Age group 13 years: 1st Naomi Taringa; 2nd Ngametua Terepita; 3rd Felisita Fonolito. Best costume Michelle Williams; Most entertaining Eitia Taylor; Best presentation Ake Tuakana; Best Diction Tarita Thomson; Non-Cook Islander singing in Cook Islands Maori, Loata Ritova from Apii Akatemia.