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23 January 2021

‘People need to take their welfare seriously,’ private security firm director says

Friday 8 January 2021 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Crime, National


‘People need to take their welfare seriously,’ private security firm director says
Cook Islands Security director Chris Denny testing a security camera that was recently installed. 21010703

Hiring security is about prevention and people need to take their welfare more seriously, says Chris Denny, director of Cook Islands Security.

Denny has been busy installing home security cameras around Rarotonga.

This week he installed another two for a family to prevent any break-ins and to help police with their investigations.

“Don’t wait until somebody goes through your home. Call me today on 50426. It’s only $2 a day for peace of mind and some protection for the family,” Denny said.

This week Cook Islands Police received report of a break-in at an Avatiu business premises where a bike and cash were stolen.

Police say the incident prompted harsh reality check on the continued vigilance required around offices and dwellings these holidays.

Chris Denny is confident that police will find the culprit.

But he is a little concerned about the increase in home invasions.

“We do tend to leave doors open at night because it’s been so hot but it makes it easy for our local thieves to go through the home while the family sleeps,” Denny said.

“This concern is more about your safety rather than items going missing.”

Since his clients have had their cameras installed, they have had no more prowling around their property.

“It is going to be a tough year for first responders as our world is not getting better delaying our recovery meaning more desperate people will do silly things to survive.”

As of yesterday, Denny only had 57 cameras left from the 300 cameras he had brought in September 2020.

“I only wish our people would take their welfare more seriously,” he said.