Man faces injuring with intent charge

Wednesday 28 April 2021 | Written by Caleb Fotheringham | Published in Crime, National


Man faces injuring with intent charge
Cook Islands courthouse and Ministry of Justice. 12081330

Three people arrested by police over the last four days are expected to appear in court Wednesday, including a man facing a rape charge.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said all three arrests are unrelated; two of the incidents happened within the last four days and the rape case is part of an ongoing investigation.

In one matter a man is facing a charge of injuring with intent, following an alleged stabbing in Arorangi last Friday.

In another matter, a man is facing a charge of assault on a female. The man was arrested late on Monday night following an assault complaint.

Pitt said a police prosecution file is being prepared for the man allegedly involved in the stabbing incident.

“Police have charged the man for the alleged stabbing of another man with whom he had fought. 

“The charge is supported by the account of the victim and witness statements.”

According to police, calls about a disturbance relating to the stabbing incident were made to them shortly after 6pm on Friday. One was from a male victim who sustained a deep wound to the back of his shoulder.

On Sunday, Pitt told the Cook Islands News some police interviews revealed different accounts of the incident. One account was the men were fighting and the victim fell onto broken glass.

But Pitt said the initial reports referred to the man being stabbed from behind with a broken (pint) glass.

“This is consistent with the wound, which was jagged and had bits of glass requiring careful extraction and the deep cut cleaning, before stitching.”

Pitt also confirmed alcohol was involved and played a major factor in aggravating the fight.