Lots going on behind the red door

Monday 18 September 2017 | Published in Hot on the Rock


Lots going on behind the red door
Fave Design staff Taja Vaetoru and Tee Ataera in front of the “Converse” shoe wall. 17091511

Fave Designs and Red Door are two interesting businesses in one, drawing locals and tourists to the small hub located behind The New Place Café in Avarua.

The Red Door is a successful coffee bar selling delicious food and baked treats, while Fave Designs operates just next door, selling a range of trendy clothing.

Owned and operated by Ana File and her husband Damien Heather, the shop has been open now for two years.

The building has a history – back in the day, File says, it was a popular nightclub known as the “First Nightclub.”

“This building was used by a local store as storage for over 10 years, and we asked if we could have a small portion of it to operate our little t-shirt printing business which we started from home and then slowly started to expand,” she says.

Fave Designs provide favourites in print and design featuring old school throwbacks and what’s trending now.

File says the business brought in stocks of quality blank t-shirts to complement the clothing they produce, and since doing that, have discovered people are wanting blank t-shirts just as blanks, so they have expanded this range too.

The popular clothing store also begun stocking the popular “Converse” shoe brand as well as marketing their own Fave brand, “South”.

“Our own brand has become very popular as well,” says File.

“We like it because it’s designed and printed locally, and means that we can do whatever is trending here, rather than trying to manufacture overseas.”

Fave Designs’ range is mostly aimed at young people, but File says they stock for all ages.

One of the big reason for getting into business, was because Ana and Damien noticed there was a lack of clothing stores on the island.

“There is surf wear and local clothing and those are all great and fit the tourist market, but there wasn’t really any street-wear styled clothing.

“Most people do their shopping overseas, but there are some who rarely get that opportunity, so we wanted to provide affordable clothing for locals.”

File says particularly when there is an event coming up, the store gets crowds of young people purchasing clothing, and they are also keen to get their clothing personalised to keep it from being the same as what others are wearing. Download stickam videos here

Fave Designs have two young part-time staff members as well as a full-time designer who does printing, and a printing and sales worker.

The store has some new and exciting brands on the way to Rarotonga, so stay tuned for their arrival.