Making Christmas healthy good times

Friday 13 December 2019 | Published in Entertainment


Making Christmas healthy good times
Even adults like get their photo taken with Santa. The jolly gentleman is pictured with Betty from CITC supermarket. RONNIE SIULEPA 17121227

Well, here we are in December again among end-of-year functions and Christmas parties. I hope that you have all had a fabulous year.

I myself have had a great year and I am very much looking forward to a break over Christmas with friends and family.

Here are some great tips to get you through the festive season and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle


Remember Christmas is just one day, not two weeks. Take the time to enjoy the day – choose foods that you love, not just because they are there. Eat slowly and savour the tastes.


Choose wisely with your drinks. Drinks can easily contain more sugar than a dessert, so be thoughtful. Skip fizzy drinks, fruit juices, beer and sugary mixed drinks. Even though straight hard liquor like vodka or bourbon may not have net carbs, keep in mind that alcohol lowers the inhibitions – including your food choices. Commercial wine may have added sugars, so drink moderately, and make soda water your main choice.


Stick to the protein, salad and vegetable dishes. If you are taking a plate or hosting a meal then make sure there are plenty of vegetable dishes and salads available.


Avoid snacking and wait until the main meal.


If you have trigger foods that make you go overboard and over-eat dramatically then stay clear of these foods. If you have foods that make you feel way worse the next day then it is best to avoid these too – this might be alcohol or wheat or cheese.


Change up what dessert looks like: take or serve a cheese, nuts or fresh fruit board in place of a high sugar dessert, make a low-sugar option dessert, have herbal tea instead.


Most importantly, don't stress! Have fun, connect with your family and if you do indulge then no problem – get back on track and move on.

By Renée Clayton