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Local chef launches TV cooking show

Friday 24 July 2020 | Written by Katrina Tanirau | Published in Entertainment


Local chef launches TV cooking show
Chef Phillip Nordt at home at Te Puka Estate. 20072308

Although renowned chef Phillip Nordt has appeared on television and has written articles and recipe columns – including for Cook Islands News – he has always wanted to have his own cooking show.

Now that it’s finally happening, the owner of OTB Bar and Restaurant, admits he’s a bit “scared”.

On Saturday, Nordt will host 30 stranded tourists and a television crew at his home at Te Puka Estate tucked away in the pristine valley of Turangi.

“The guests that are coming are about to return to their home countries and have been to my restaurant a number of times,” he said.

“I want to send them home with lasting memories of their time in Rarotonga.”

“Phillip Nordt – the Chef’s Table” television series isn’t going to be your average cooking show.

It’s not just a TV programme, it’s an interactive show and an overall experience, Nordt says, where the audience gets involved and he shows them how to cook food that is tasty and healthy.

“There are so many things that can improve day to day life if people have a few cooking tips on how to do it better.”

He’s decided to start with a classic – the barbecue.

“People think barbecue, okay, you put some chops on, this and that and a few sausages and there you go,” Nordt said.

“My barbecue is way different. I use only whole things. Why do I use large cuts? Because there is little chance of overcooking, the meat is tender and the flavours are amazing.”

And there is absolutely no chance of seeing bottles of ketchup on Nordt’s table.

Beautiful sauces made with fresh, local ingredients are easy to make as are salads that don’t necessarily contain potatoes, he said.

Nordt’s first show will not be live, but it is a test run. Plans are for other audiences to take part including growers and other foodies and the first series will run for three months.

“Food needs to be an awesome experience,” he said. “That’s what the chef’s table will be. We sit down, we talk about food and we eat it.”

The show is to air next month on Cook Islands TV.