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23 January 2021

Today’s prefects, tomorrow’s leaders

Tuesday 25 February 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Education


Today’s prefects, tomorrow’s leaders
Apii Nikao 2020 prefects were inducted on Friday. Apii Nikao's prefect number have increased in size following the rise in the school roll. 20022143.

Newly-inducted primary school prefects from Apii Nikao and Takitumu are ready to take on the challenge.

With a school roll of 432 students, Apii Nikao’s prefect number have also increased in size.

Head girl prefect Joeina Tipoki said, “this is an opportunity to prove that I will help my school be a better place and I will help my students and the teachers.”

A student at the school for three years, Tipoki would like to improve her knowledge of mathematics and become a better leader and good role model for the younger ones.

Head boy Te Pa Kelly said it feels great being a head boy, “one of my friends was head boy last year and he coached me to become a prefect, and I thought, why not?”

“I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to doing my best.”

The Apii Nikao 2020 prefects are: Terahi Daniel, Purotu Ngatokorua, Dana Enoka, Hanamarie Henry, Te-Ava-A-Katu Nicholas, Jessie Toru, Emmaline George Hickes, Allisthena Poila, William Ioane, Marcus Willie-Teapa, Mavis Makara, Tarani Omao, Pati Estall, Addison Rowe, Mason Iro, Paige Taio, Anne Browne, Paige Anguna, Ellenoah Oti, Peter Toru. Deputy head girl Maiata Forsythe, Deputy head boy Taupini Ama, Head Girl Joeina Tipoki, Head Boy Te Pa Kelly.

Takitumu Primary school prefects inducted last week are also excited to start the year with responsibilities they all take seriously.

Prefect Malea Vogel said: “We want to show a good example to the school, the Takitumu way”.

“We look forward to helping out the teachers, and showing the kids good behavior, respecting and taking care of each other, it’s exciting.”
With a school roll of 196 students, newly-inducted prefect Mackenna Gribble felt a bit nervous but said she wanted to help make the school a better place for everyone.

Some of the prefects voiced their concern at the rebellious attitudes of the students but they all agreed talking to their colleagues with the right attitude and patience will help tackle this issue.

The Apii Takitumu prefects for 2020 are: Miracle Puia, Ioane Manu, Makenna Gribble, Jaden Matapo, Kalani Bounsall, Nevaeh Nelio, Malea Vogel, Teau Goldsworthy, Caleb Ngamata, Ruta Nio and Meremaraea Ellison.