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‘The kids get it’

Friday 21 June 2019 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Education


‘The kids get it’
Watched by teacher aide Elliott Hunt, Blackrock school kids blow off steam at at Nukupure park in Muri.

“Are there rubbish fairies on the island?”

“No!” The children of Blackrock school don’t hesitate. They are loud and unanimous.

Cook Islands Tourism’s favourites Aunty Nan and Aunty Lyd presented Katu Kanga, Ridge to Reef and an environmental movie to 3 and 4-year-olds at Nukupure Park in Muri yesterday morning.

Aunty Nan was stunned and delighted to discover that such young children were already aware of what to do and not to do when getting rid of rubbish at their homes and in public places.

During discussions on how and why we should keep our beaches clean and tidy, the kids already knew to “take your rubbish home and not leave it lying around,” she said.

“The teachers are doing a fantastic job and obviously their parents are too, for the children to understand how important it is to look after our environment,” she added.

Sandee Cook, whose child is nearly 5, said the school excursion was good for the kids, “getting them outside and learning something in a different environment is great for them.”

The trip took the children out of the preschool grounds to visit a new environment.

Principal of the school Stephanie Forbes said learning outside the classroom was all about exposing them to new experiences, and getting out in the wider community. “Today, they all loved going on the bus, we sang songs along the way and pointed out things of interest.”

Blackrock preschool also needs clean, empty plastic water or juice bottles sized 1.5 litres and bigger, large mayo jars or any large plastic container that's had food in it for the kids’ planting project.

Rather than purchasing new containers the school would prefer to be more environmentally friendly and reuse old ones.