Te Uki Ou gets the app ‘appening

Friday 28 September 2018 | Written by Jaimie Keay | Published in Education


Te Uki Ou gets the app ‘appening
Apii Te Uki Ou student Kingston Mataangi, aged 7, showcasing a new phone app available for parents and the wider community. 18092622

Continuing to improve communication was the biggest reason behind Apii Te Uki Ou creating a new phone application (app).

Using the SchoolAppsNZ platform, the app is now available for parents to download for both Apple and Android devices.

Principal Mark Harris said it will allow parents and the wider community to keep up to date with the school’s activities.

“Most people these days have smart-phones and are using them more frequently, so we saw this as a way to get information out a lot quicker than our Facebook page or our school wide emails we send out.”

Harris, who has seen the app in action in a previous teaching role said it was simply seen as a way to strengthen the school’s communication.

“The app means we can send our real time notifications about things like school cancellations, also parents can log in and tell us if their kids won’t be in to school, we also have our newsletters available and important dates for the year.

“We also have the ability for parents to join a specific group to hear about information regarding perhaps a sports or music group that their kids are involved in.”

With the application going live last week, Harris said it was still early days but had already been notified of a number of parents taking the time to download it.

“The more time we spend building up the information on the app, the more people will see how beneficial it is and over time we expect to get more people using it.”

The school sends their personal details, dates and other information to the developers who implement the changes and add-ons for the application.

Harris said he approached the Ministry of Education regarding the app and said no doubt it would be beneficial for other schools to consider.

“It does come with a small fee to be a part of the platform but it really does give us a different and faster way of communicating with our community which we thought was important.”