Students do well in NCEA

Thursday 25 January 2018 | Published in Education


Students do well in NCEA
Year 13 students from 2017, Veia Lowry (bottom left), Inanui Nia, Michaela Tangimetua and Lovy Parker (bottom right) pictured finishing up their English assignment last year. 18012411

Over 82 per cent of all Cook Islands students enrolled in Years 11-13 have achieved their Preliminary National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) qualification.

An education ministry spokesperson said this week that results at all three levels were tracking well against ministry targets.

“The number of students attaining their qualification with merit and excellence endorsement is also pleasing,” the spokesperson said. “Teachers are to be congratulated for this achievement.”

Preliminary NCEA results were released by NZQA on Monday last week and an initial analysis is now being carried out by ministry staff and secondary schools.
Almost 600 NCEA students across the Cook Islands have been able to view their results for 2017 online.
Schools have been helping students with checking and confirming their results.
Although there will be fluctuations for another couple of weeks with final internal results being submitted and some results reviewed, the ministry of education is pleased with how the results are looking so far.
The spokesperson said many hours had gone into preparing students for both internal assessments and external examinations, marking work and making sure assessments had been verified with their colleagues.
“Having seen the results, the feedback from principals has been very positive.
“They are proud of the achievements of students and the preparatory work staff and students went through before the end of last year.
“External standards especially, have exceeded expectation.”
The ministry of education was extremely grateful for the ongoing support parents and families gave their children not just during exams, but throughout the entire year, the spokesperson said.
“These results are just as much the families’ achievement as they are the students.”
The ministry will release further information at the end of March when official results have been confirmed.
This week students will be choosing and confirming this year’s subjects with their teachers and prepare for the new academic year.
“Now that results have been received, the Tertiary Education Committee will also be meeting to confirm all scholarships,” the spokesperson said.
“Those who have still not accessed their results should do so online and if there are any problems, they should call their school or contact the ministry.”

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