School targets pupils’ literacy skills

Saturday 18 August 2018 | Written by Jaimie Keay | Published in Education


School targets pupils’ literacy skills
Year 2 students Amanaki Sosene, Apuhere Teurima and Ester Baniani work to improving their literacy skills. 18081617

Year two students at St Josephs are continuing to improve their literacy skills this term.

Teacher Shelley Berry says literacy has been a school-wide focus and has come on the back of a trip to Rarotonga earlier in the year by authors Louise Dempsey and Sheena Cameron.

Berry said she was privileged to spend time with the two with only a few other teachers from schools around the island.

“I had been using their book for a few years but having them come over here and give some more insight into how to bring their techniques and strategies into my classroom was invaluable.”

Students and teachers at the school have so far taken part in an in-house literacy discussion as a way of ensuring they are tracking literacy development across the board.

Speaking at the halfway point in the school year, Berry said her students had made definite progress.

“At the moment we are working on adjectives and each day we set aside time for the students to work on including an adjective into a sentence.”

Berry who hails from New Zealand, and joined St Joseph’s this year, said she is enjoying her time with the school and its students.