PM encourages children to read more

Sunday 15 May 2016 | Published in Education


PM encourages children to read more
Students of Apii Avarua performed a special item for the audience. 16051307

THE Education Ministry’s Book in Home Project assemblies ended on a high note yesterday (Friday) with students reminded once again of the importance of reading.

It was an important day for teachers and students of Apii Avarua as they joined officials from the Education ministry in their efforts to increase interest in reading.

Prime minister Henry Puna who was guest speaker at the assembly said parents and teachers should remind students of the importance of reading.

In his opening remarks, he told students books were an important tool in the progress and development of their education.

“Please take time to read because you need to read,” Puna said.

“Reading for me is the basis of knowledge; it is the beginning of knowledge.”

He said teachers also needed to prioritise the library services provided in their schools and set aside time for students to visit and use material from the library.

“In my role as a prime minister I read volumes every day and it’s important that I understand what I read.

“I read reports, letters from overseas governments and all the audit reports that come to me from the Ministry of Finance.

“If you’re to be a prime minister or a minister one day, boys and girls you have to learn how to read and understand what you’re reading.”

Puna encouraged students to not only learn how to read in English but also in their mother language.

“I am grateful that the Ministry of Education is undertaking this initiative that you’ll be able to read the books of your choice.”

The Books in Home Project Assemblies involved a week-long programme which was a first for Rarotonga.