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Children’s learning overshadowed by donation

Thursday 18 June 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Education


Children’s learning overshadowed by donation
Nelson Akava chairman of the St Joseph's primary school with principal Shelley Berry and bank of the Cook Islands representative, John Pareanga and Ina Davies. 20061703.

Early childhood learning kids at St Joseph’s primary school will at last have more shade to sit under.

The Bank of the Cook Islands has donated $3,354 for the purchase of shade cloths for the 40 pre-schoolers.

Ina Davies, the bank’s representative, was pleased to be able to assist the school and support the project to help the kids be more comfortable.

Parents and teachers Associations chairman, Nelson Akava said, “we know it has been a tough time for everyone and we appreciate this kind donation.

“The children will be happy to have more shade to eat lunch under and enjoy, considering our roll number has increased.”

Principal Shelley Berry said children in the future would also benefit from the project.