Careers advice appeals as potential future job

Friday 24 April 2015 | Published in Education


Careers advice appeals as potential future job
Year 12 student Kayla Whitcher says careers advisor June Hosea is one of her role models.

Kayla Whitcher is having a little trouble deciding on her own future career, so this week she has been learning how to help others decide theirs.

The year 12 student from Enuamanu School in Atiu spent the week shadowing careers advisor June Hosea.

“I have a hard time deciding what career I want, so I decided to take up career teaching to help others, as I’ve been through the struggle myself,” she says.

Whitcher is also excited about the travel opportunities should she choose to pursue a career in the advisory role.

“June gets to travel a lot and meet so many different people, which would be exciting.”

She says she is really enjoying the experience so far and that the practical learning experience is far better than just reading about it.

“It is more fun experiencing it myself. You don’t take in as much information when you read about things, but when you do it, you really remember it.”

When asked who her role model is, Whitcher says she aspires to be like June Hosea in more ways than just her career path. “She is one of my role models and that is partly why I chose to work with her this week,” she says. Aside from careers advising, Whitcher is also interested in learning more about being a natural remedies doctor.

“Instead of using the normal drugs people use today, I think it’s better to go with natural resources.”

Whitcher was able to find out much more about possible career paths at last Tuesday’s Careers Expo, held at the Telecom Sports Arena.