Muri market plans reopening

Tuesday 6 April 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Economy


Muri market plans reopening

Tourism’s collapse last year led to the inevitable closure of the once thriving Muri Night Market, and now its owners are looking to reopen this month for one night a week, or fortnight.

Pictured with a positive thumbs-up attitude are Tu and Bernie Purua, who started the market in 2014 when they plonked a BBQ on their roadside section and started selling sausages, bananas and nu. It was popular and others asked if they could also sell food and other items on that busy roadside, and so the Muri Night Market was born. In the foreground is the ever-smiling Ngapoko Daniel, Tu’s sister, who took the opportunity on Wednesday afternoon to sell delicious cooked chestnuts and nu. Interested vendors can call or text Bernie on 52241.


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