Minimum wage $6.25 from July 1

Friday 26 June 2015 | Published in Economy


Minimum wage $6.25 from July 1
On recommendation from the Minimum Wage Panel, Minister of Internal Aff airs Albert Nicholas (pictured in parliament last week) has set the minimum wage rate at $6.25 from July 1 2015.

Employers and workers are reminded that the minimum wage rate of pay will increase to $6.25 per hour from 1 July 2015, a rise from the current minimum wage rate of $6 per hour, in accordance with the Employment Relations (Minimum rate of pay) Regulations 2015.

The increase is a result of the review by the Minimum Wage Panel appointed by the Minister for Internal Affairs Albert Nicholas under the Employment Relations Act 2012 and guided by terms of reference, criteria, and public feedback.

The Minimum Wage Panel submitted the 2015 Minimum Wage Rate Review Report to Nicholas in March.

This year’s Minimum Wage Panel comprised Patricia Tuara Demmke (Ministry of Internal Affairs), James Webb (Ministry of Finance and Economic Management), Steve Anderson (Chamber of Commerce), Anthony Turua (Cook Islands Workers Association) and Nga Mataio (community representative).

Copies of the Minimum Wage Review report panel can be obtained from For further information, please contact the Labour & Employment Relations Division, Ministry of Internal Affairs on 29370.